For an organization with its own software developers, an easily adjustable program may be useful. Cartfinity is designed to configure all aspects of the software to the wishes of your organization and your customers. Find out below what Cartfinity can do for you as a developer!


After installation you can open it directly in Visual Studio. You can completely customize it to your requirements. Because the system is completely built in .NET, you can intuitively create you own modules.


The Cartfinity SQL server is completely open, so you can adjust all tables to your liking and add new tables. These can then be supplemented by a content manager.

Integration options

Cartfinity can be easily and quickly linked to other software packages, by means of ETL tools. Due to its simple structure data can be imported and exported.

R&D and collaboration

Our research and development team is always ready to help where needed. Consider the development of modules, the modification of the database and the development of a front-end.