Content manager

As a content manager, you are concerned with the backend of the program. The backend is the background of your website and shop, where all data is saved and created. At this point, you ensure that all data is up-to-date, all customer pages are complete and correct product images are linked to the right products. Find out below what Cartfinity implies for you!


As a content manager you do not need to have any programming knowledge. All content is managed from a single backend, without you having to know anything about HTML or designing.


The backend of Cartfinity has a user-friendly design, so you can easily modify data. Programmers can add tables, which you can fill with content.


With the specially designed canvas (desktop), you can open and drag multiple windows to gather information from different sources. With Cartfinity you can work flexibly, quickly and clearly.


Use the CMS to change texts and images on pages. The CMS is easy to use and specifically designed to create pages and edit many varying texts.