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B2B functionality

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to start you own webshop. Especially now, many companies are also actively looking for a new generation of e-commerce. But what if you have specific requirements for your webshop that are not consistent with mainstream systems? For example, requirements to set buyers roles, complex budgeting for users, transaction authorization and unloading locations? It is important for your webshop to fit into your business and not vice versa.

Cartfinity is a very flexible system, a customer-driven e-commerce platform to provide the best possible level of service to your customers. In addition, it is easy to modify and optimize Cartfinity to your needs. Cartfinity has the ability to increase your sales opportunities and to offer significant added-value to your organization and your customers.

Benefits of a B2B e-commerce system

The deployment of a professional B2B e-commerce platform has many advantages:

  • Optimization of business processes, resulting in significant savings
  • Increasing sales by smart upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Enhancing loyalty of existing customers by offering optimal service
  • Optimization of quality through improved accuracy

Environment configurable per user

At first glance, Cartfinity resembles an ordinary webshop. Once a user is logged in, additional functionalities appear. It is possible for the administrator to set up client specific webshops. Not only in terms of products, prices, discounts, but also functional.

Cartfinity recognizes multiple roles that can be attached to users. A user always has one role. Each role is fully adjustable and design, widgets and functionality can be configured by role. For larger customers, it is possible to create roles for managers, head of purchasing department and buyers. The role system can be entirely configured according to your wishes, without the need of programming a single letter.

Workflow management

The default workflow includes all stages within the ordering process a normal order goes through, from selecting the right products to placing the order. Cartfinity allows you to create multiple workflows and linking them to various customers.

Workflows can be configured from the backend. All steps can be controlled with a diagram.

Dimension-related ordering

For some customers it is important to cross charge orders internally to different departments. The dimensions can be fully adjusted according to customers’ requirements. Product lists, such as, for example, clothing cards for staff can be created per dimension. During ordering these can be used to ensure the right size for the right person.

The different dimension types (eg. employees or cost centers) with the corresponding fields are pre-created by the merchant. A customer may use these. Also, the dimensions can be set up in several levels, depending on the company size.

Debtor management

Companies with a certain size are often divided into several debtors, for example, several private companies. Each debtor has its own environment, but for a user it is possible to switch between the debtors he / she has access to, without having to login again.

Agent Link

Complete your Cartfinity business platform with Agent Link. Agent Link is an offline application for representatives to take orders en route. Ideal for circumstances when no Internet access is available.


What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a tool for managing the contents of your entire website and webshop. CMS is in the backend of Cartfinity. As a content manager, you can make adjustments right here for both the webshop and the underlying website.

In-file CMS

The so-called in-file technology is specially designed to promote the flexibility of a Cartfinity project. This technique directly changes the underlying .master / .aspx / .ascx files. There is no use of content tables in a database, but changes are directly reflected in the file system. The great advantage of this technique is that you can choose between working from an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Visual Studio or from the built-in CMS backend. CMS is easy to use for everyday content management. However, for advanced users (designers or programmers) an IDE might be more pleasant to work in. This system also improves the loading time of requested pages.

Software integration

Cartfinity enables to offer complex business structures in a user-friendly way via the Internet. Cartfinity can be integrated with inter alia Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Exact, SAP, Unit 4 Multivers etc. Up front, an integration plan is fully inventoried to provide a clearer and more comprehensive picture of the information exchange. For more information about this aspect, please contact us.

ETL tools provide accurate data integration for integral connections between your business systems. The power and flexibility of this system allows customized integration of various systems used by your organization. With visual aids, it is possible to configure your connections smooth, transparent and therefore understandable.


Nowadays the continuity of your webshop is highly important. Especially for organizations which are highly dependent on the Internet for selling. In addition to delivering and deploying Cartfinity, it is also important that continuity is ensured. This is possible with a so-called SLA. This agreement ensures that certain guarantees are granted for Cartfinity services. An SLA can be concluded for the Standard edition or higher. According to your wishes an SLA can be completely customized. A Cartfinity partner may also be involved in the SLA terms. For more information, please contact us.