Small Business

Cartfinity Small Business is the ideal edition for small and medium sized entrepreneurs, with basic B2B e-commerce functionality. For businesses operating within national borders, the Small Business edition is a great choice. Various functions are available in this edition such as setting special customer conditions. It is also possible to program additional custom modules. However, this edition is not suitable for creating and managing an international webshop.

It is always possible to upgrade to the Standard or Professional edition later on. The Small Business edition is an excellent starting point for a successful Cartfinity project.

Cartfinity Small Business Offers

Remote shopping cart control for support

Product photos / videos

Comprehensive customer conditions: contract prices and group discounts

Public or protected environment

Customer product ranges


Cartfinity is suitable for Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 30, Chrome 40 or higher.

We use Cartfinity Small Business for a public and protected webshop, fully integrated. Customers with special discounts and products are able to see more than the ordinary visitor. Cartfinity works perfectly for us.