Flexible B2B e-commerce platform for wholesalers and manufacturers

Who uses Cartfinity?

Cartfinity is suitable for companies seeking to offer added value to their customers in a B2B environment. Because its additional functionality and expandability Cartfinity is particularly suited for customer-oriented companies. Cartfinity is not specifically designed for a particular industry, but can be used in any type of organization.


Your webshop online within 30 days


Easy integration with ERP applications


Fully customizable platform


Workflow management for complex environments

Discover what Cartfinity can do for you and your organisation:

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Graphic designer

Content manager

Unique features

Individual client area

Set up a client specific environment, with adjustable design and order processes.

Workflow configurable per client

As desired it is possible to adjust work flows, such as ordering processes, per client.

Manage master data

Set up a client specific environment, with adjustable design and order processes.

Comprehensive backend

Prevent contamination of your ERP system with the extended backend system.

Dimension-related ordering

Larger customers can create dimensions, set rights and order according to it.

Management reports

Customers can create transfer charges and carry out checks with management reports.

Personal ordering

Specific items can be linked to persons or users, if necessary with sizes (e.g. clothing cards).

Remote control of shopping cart

Additional support for customers during ordering by taking over the shopping cart or web session.

International business

International trade: multiple currencies, languages and adjustable VAT rates.


Straightforward CMS to manage webpages and content.

Payment methods

Completely and easily integrates with all major payment systems.

Product presentation

Products are presented attractively with images, videos and manuals.


To use Cartfinity you must purchase a license. The license can be installed where and whenever you want. Each license includes a Service Agreement that entitles the purchaser to free updates and upgrades and technical support during the licence term. To keep your software up to date with updates and upgrades beyond the expiration date, you have to renew your license (purchase a "renewal").


Small Business

The ideal edition for small and medium enterprises. This edition is not suitable for creating and managing an international webshop.


Basic functionality B2B e-commerce

Ideal for starters

3 free support calls

€ 2495,00 license fee

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This edition is suitable for managing an international webshop with multiple languages and currencies. Dimension related working is also supported.

SMEs and SME+

Comprehensive B2B e-commerce


5 free support calls

€ 4795,00 license fee

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This edition is for companies with complex structures. This edition is suitable for managing an international webshop, with country specific VAT rates.


Workflow management

Multilingual interface

10 free support calls

€ 6595,00 license fee

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The Cartfinity Enterprise edition is also available. For more information about this edition, please contact us.

Project implementation

Are you interested in Cartfinity and looking for an implementation partner or a party providing active support during a project? Visit the Partners page to locate the right partner near you. Or contact us for more information.